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TVR 518 Gold/Silver

TVR 518 Gold/Silver

Datum Expression Size: 48 n 21mm

Lens Width: 48mm

Hinge to Hinge Width: 130mm

Bridge: 21mm

Temple Length: 150mm


TVR®518 Soft Rock Collection

Circling back to the era of 1970s Soft Rock, eyeglasses became one of the most radical accessories by many acclaimed personalities including the unmistakably flamboyant Sir Elton John. The classic lines of the TVR®518 are instrumental and edgy at the same time. TVR® is also reviving the double colouring metal square that harkens back to its golden years in the 70s. The 4mm eye rim vintage design made using SPM (Sun Platinum Metal) requires a tremendous amount of detailing to ensure grooves inside the rim are treated with absolute precision; handcrafted by only a handful skilled craftsmen who are versed with this technique. True Vintage Revival’s newest SPM Collection are set to impress with remarkable details, finest artistry and a prominent style that is made famous by superstars!

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