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LOTOS was founded in Pforzheim, southern Germany in 1872, where it was renowned for manufacturing watches and jewelleries, that spoke for itself the “City of Gold”. LOTOS, which was started as a traditional handmade jewellery brand established by the Schmidt family, owning its gold atelier, has been creating the precious solid gold and jewellery eyewear for over 140 years. Due to its extraordinary craftsmanship and unique design, LOTOS’s specialties have been collected by numerous royal families and nobles in Europe for over decades.


Inspired by the value of precious and rare metal, LOTOS inherited from its own family treasure of making many unique and innovative masterpieces. This has given us an immeasurable asset of traditional craftsmanship and perpetuating heritage. The only way to keep such passion for handcrafting art, from generation to generation, is to sustain the core value of the brand – supreme quality with limited production.

The fifth Successor of LOTOS

Stephan Schmidt was born in 1962. He took over the family business in 1987 at the age of 25, while he was still a young adult. During the period, he was not only the leader of the jewelry design and production team, but also the CEO of LOTOS, who is responsible for the development in worldwide. Being only as a young adult, it was definitely a great challenge for him. Yet, in order to continuously expand the company’s business market and increase brand awareness, Stephan did not retreat but to inherit the family business instead, he constantly create jewelry eyewear by its innate advance handcrafting skill, turn an ordinary eyewear into a luxury art piece.      


Every single piece of LOTOS eyewear is tailor-made, therefore it is absolutely unique and incomparable. Stephan Schmidt has once describe that “A pair of LOTOS spectacle costs the same as a Bentley car."

LOTOS is now available exclusively in Thailand at WALTZ. For more information, You can visit our Siam Paragon branch (map) or call +66817357550 (Thai & English speaker)


Exclusively Available at WALTZ

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